Friday, December 09, 2005

T - 3 Hours

It's almost over, the wait and chaos is drawing to a close, folks. What will I do withmyself now? No more using a porta potty at the job site. I now won't have to go scouring through 4 different closets to find Greg's belt. I won't have to stare at 1" square paint chips trying to plan the color scheme of the whole house. No more waiting, and waiting, and WAITING for a worker I have named "Dude" to show up and work on the exterior windows. He should've never told Greg he spent his whole day watching TV when he was supposed to be at our house. My husband has it calculated down to the penny per day that we are spending as we wait for guys like Dude. This chapter is ending, finally. I have enjoyed this storyline of creative adventure and anticipation, but I'm thrilled to move on.

The movers will be here very soon, I better get ready instead of watching TV!!