Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Big news!

Some of you may already know this, if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, but I have wonderful news! In January, I get to travel with my Mom and Daughter to LONDON to see my nephew, Brad, and his beautiful bride, Sarah get married! How thrilled we all are, for this sweet couple to take this huge step! You can check out their neat little wedding website:

Not only do we get to go to London, but I also get to be the photographer for the wedding! And being family and all, I gotta do an awesome job! So to prepare for this, I called up the best in the business: Dawn Shields. You can see her website here:
She GRACIOUSLY let me tag along for one of her recent weddings, where I got to listen, observe, grab these images, talk equipment, and catch up a bit with my friend. I can't say THANKS to her enough for all her help so far! I am learning more with each step I take, and I find that in this business, there are certain people just committed to helping others make it.
So if you find me standing around fumbling with odd looking equipment, I'm just practicing and figuring out how to do yet one more thing.


Friday, December 18, 2009


Wow, it's been forever since my last post here. I need to do one of those year long photo a day goals, but I know me... I'll make it half way through February and get distracted. So, just in case you wondered if I was taking any pictures at all, well, you know me...

Meet Sidnei. Now this is a young lady who I have enjoyed very much. She was a bit shy to start off with, of course, she didn't know me from Adam. But pull out her favorite guitar, or throw on a bold outfit - and let the fun begin. I really can't decide which ones to post!

Earlier that very same day, I spent some time following around a fantastic, wonderful, experienced, highly skilled, knows-what-she's-doing-kinda-gal at a wedding in Springfield. I learned so much and even got to grab a few great images. So, a HUGE THANK YOU to my friend who has already helped me so much. Words don't do it justice, how grateful I am! :-)

I'm all caught up on print orders, photobooks, and Christmas cards - finally. Now I need to take a photo for my 2009 card. Wonder what it'll be...