Sunday, June 18, 2006

Life is good, may I explain?

Friday: I kiss my Mom and head home again, leaving Lulu at her house with a fridge full of groceries, friends who I know will check on her all the time, and Mom being in relatively good health now. We are over the worst of it for awhile, I am quite confident about that. What can I say? God answers prayers. Thanks to all of you who took it to the Throne with me. It is an awesome feeling to know that there is a huge family out there who rally behind you when you need it. Thanks to everyone who watched my kids, prayed, or simply asked how things were going. It just said to me that you cared.

OK - so I get home and try out that new place... "San Francisco Oven"?? I think that's the name. If you've been there, tell me what you think. So far the reviews are mixed.

Saturday: My Birthday. These aren't as exciting as they used to be, I'll admit. But I have decided that I won't have a problem with turning 40 in A FEW YEARS as long as I am in the best shape of my life and have made those major healthy changes to get that way. So here goes...

In the afternoon we saw "Nacho Libre." Very stupidly funny in a Napoleon Dyn. kind of way. For the record, I did laugh, even hard at one point. It was just the sheer ridiculousness. Spend your money at your own risk on that one.
Later, some friends came over, we ate BBQ and the kids swam, swum, swimmed? I have never figured that out. Also, poor Maura got kicked in the stomach by Charlie. I mean she went flying backwards. That horse is history! (Charlie is NOT the one that knocked me off.) Maura is a tough little girl, though, and she is OK.Thanks for all the fun cards and presents... Now I have to learn to TANGO! Let's just hope Antonio Banderas is my instructor.

Now for today, Sunday, FATHER'S DAY, which isn't even over, yet: We got up and went to church, heard an awesome message to Dads by Pastor Eddie, and came home to a crock pot full of Robert Roast. Greg opened his things from the kids and asked to saddle up the horses. After his quick tour around the 10, I took the girls around. Sophie, the big white mare, never gives us any problem. She is great. Amigo is the one that can get a little fiesty. Well, today he was fine! Not a problem. We just have to keep working with them, and they will get better and better. Although, I don't think I'll ever stop praying before I hop on a horse's back.
Now, on to the Reynold's for a chinese buffet...


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Lulu Update

For those of you who are wondering...

Mom is doing pretty well right now, there are good days and not so good days. Good moments and not so good moments. The big operation actually happened last Wednesday morning at 7:45am. It lasted for about 6 HOURS. The other surgeons must have had assembly lines set up, they were knockin' them out like flies. Here comes one doctor to talk to the family, then another, then that first one again.... Some volunteer drill sergeant was in charge of the desk and kept yellin' out the family names, and once he came by with hard little apples of which I am still carrying one around in my purse to use as a weapon if I need it on my long drives to OK. Back to Mom - She came through the surgery with flying colors, and went to her own room a day later. They had her up walking around the floor doing laps, and I still can't seem to get on the treadmill for 30 minutes a day. All was going well, but now we are seeing signs of infection settling in and that isn't good. The symptoms actually could be signs of rejection, which is easier to handle, believe it or not. So, keep praying us through this time. I go down again tomorrow and hopefully she will come home from the hospital very soon.
That's all for now!