Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Birthday Happenings


Nathan just had his 11th birthday! And get this - he decided several weeks ago that he wanted to go rock climbing at Petra with his friends. Sounds like fun, right? Well...

We head out to have some pizza for lunch and on the way I get this feeling I should call and confirm our party reservations at 2:00pm. So at 11:40am my call goes like this:

Me: "Hi this is Teri Roy and I'm just calling to make sure you have us down for a party there at 2:00 today...

Petra Dude: Uh, well hold on, let me get the schedule... long pause...
Is this Regina?

Me: No, ha ha, this is Teri Roy, and I have 9 boys coming for a party at 2. I gave you a deposit last week...

Petra Dude: Oh yeah, hey, yeeah I gotcha down. See, we had this party here last night from 11pm to 3(am) and the schedule just hasn't been switched over yet. Yeah we'll see ya later.

Me: (trying to sound like I know what I'm talking about) Great. OK, I also have my own boleer's , too (sorry I have no idea how to spell that), so we should be covered on the ground.

Petra Dude: Right, K , see ya later.

Me: Thanks, see ya this afternoon."

Now, what do you think I'm leading up to? We get there at 1:45, and the doors are locked. OK, we are a bit early, so we wait in the car. Pretty soon I have 9 active boys in my yukon, and the doors are still locked. Now it's 2:15 and we need a back up plan. Fast. Bowling it is. So, in spite of some disappointed kids who'd much rather climb a rock wall, we had fun throwing down the ball and only spent $19 because they gave us a break. A big shout out to Enterprise Lanes for bailing me out!! (Lighthouse was booked)

And by the way, Petra NEVER showed up.

Here's to NATHAN. Who learned the lesson of flexibility on his 11th birthday. Thanks for thinking this cake and the homemade cookie cake were the best ever. You are awesome!
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