Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Roy Roamings

Hey, like the new title? Don't know how long I can keep up the RR thing, but I am no longer wanting to admit that coming out to the office for hours on end to blog and surf is really a big waste of time. I like having a pictoral journal of our happenings, sure beats scrapbooking.

GIVE ME YOUR INPUT and cure yourself of NCS: answer this question...

Where is the best place to take a cheap, fun, family friendly roadtrip this summer?

(Be advised it cannot include purchasing a set of mouse ears. )

Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Horse + the Post = One badly bruised hip bone and a possible cracked rib...

Who wants to come ride a pony???

Mom update: THANK YOU to all of you who have checked this blog and prayed for my Mom. They have postponed her surgery until June 6 or 7??? This is a transplant surgeon so his schedule has to be flexible. Of course his office could use a little desk help in communicating with the patients and their families, that would be nice. Just so you all know, if you ever want to get anything done and you keep hitting a brick wall, call my husband. He'll take care of it. After a day and a half of me trying to get some info about rescheduling the surgery, Greg got the number and talked to the surgeon himself within 30 minutes. He was even nice, too. It must be a special gift to be able to work with people so well. Almost 16 years ago, he pulled that on me and I married him! Go Greg. You're the hero.

Monday, May 22, 2006

The Waiting Game

8:30am Ready to walk out the door after a sleepless night, Mom has fasted, the bags packed and everything ready.

8:31am The phone rings, it's the hospital. SURGERY POSTPONED.
The surgeon had to perform emergency surgery on someone else and we don't want a tired doctor cutting on my Mom. OK, we'll wait. Just let us know when he's good and ready. Hopefully Tuesday?

8:45am Out the door, we want some breakfast! So we went to Cracker Barrell and came right back home. So now we are sitting by the phone, anxiously waiting the call that will tell Mom when it's time for her big dance. Don't you hate that "Don't call us, we'll call you" scenario?!?!?

Friday, May 19, 2006

For all of you who read this blog and still suffer from NCS (No Comment Syndrome), I am very thankful you are here and now I need to make a request. It is time to take a momentary break from my usual sarcasm and/or fluffy stuff of life type entry, so here goes:

Please pray for my Mom. She goes in for sugery this coming Monday at Noon. I couldn't possibly make an accurate description of what they will do to her, but to make a short summary, I'll do my best... (If you aren't into details you can skip the next paragraph)

She recieved a liver transplant a little over one year ago, and her recovery went better than we could even hope for at first. She did not reject the liver, and adjusted her lifestyle to match the many needs of a transplant recipient. However, since Christmas she has had a difficult time. The liver has not been functioning properly mainly due to the bilary tree not draining well, this is the place where all the ducts come from the liver and move into the small intestine. She also has a very uncomfortable incisional hernia that is causing all kinds of problems, too. After some pretty severe pain, she finally cries out for help and spends a week in the hospital trying to get better. They sent her home for a week to regain some strength and now we are slated for surgery on MONDAY AT NOON. As I understand it, the doctor's will actually remove this "bilary tree" and somehow connect the small intestine to the liver... didn't know you could do that. There is still a lot I don't know, but I will ask many more questions to better grasp what is happening. They are saying, though, that this will be "even more extensive" of a surgery than the transplant was, and to expect her recovery to be the same: approx 3 months?? Well, she was Wonder Woman a year ago, so I am hoping and praying for the best.

If you have EVER even met this precious woman, then you know what a jewel she is. Proverbs 31 in the flesh. I keep trying to put into words how amazing she is... but they don't seem to make it into any one complete sentence. She is calm through all of this, and encourages me through scripture when it should be the other way around.

So, I ask you, my faithful bloggers, family, and friends... if you talk to God, please talk to Him about my Mom. I sure am, our kids are, I hope you'll do the same. I will be in OK for the big event, and will try to post from my Mom's computer so you can all have an update.

AS FOR MEMORIAL DAY: If all goes well, I will try to be back home, but I can make no guarantee and so bummer, we cannot plan a big blowout pool party here at the Roy Ranch. Maybe we can aim for Flag Day or something! We'll keep you posted on that as well!


Monday, May 15, 2006

Pony Rides!

This lovely Spring afternoon was the best day I've had in a long time. Great friends, lots of food, fellowship, laughter, all topped off with our Bibles open and even a time of prayer together. Wow, I sure needed a party like that.

By the way, this is Sophie. She's the big, white animal on which the kids are riding. She is a wonderful, gentle, 11 year old mare (that's a female horse that is a mother, for all you DTBer's). She is NOT the one that knocked me into a post last Wednesday, possibly cracking a rib or two and leaving me with a nicely bruised ego and hip bone. Yeah, you'll hear more about that beast later.
This is just more of that dream being fulfilled. But most importantly, the relationships that continue to grow and the memories we make are really what is driving me these days. We just have to make the most of each day, people. They are numbered, you know.

Monday, May 08, 2006


Moments to remember...

*Mini- Ha Ha

*Club "Med"

*Roses' lovely shorts

*Day 1 = 10 wipeouts

*Day2= only 3 wipe outs

*I need more practice before I can do those bowls with everyone else...

*Luggage that went on to Idaho?

*My own personal thumb injury, which pales in comparison to all the others we heard about: the broken leg on the other side of the curtain, the head that hit the rock, broken back, broken wrist, and of course, the torn ACL...

*If you go skiing on the last weekend of the season, be prepared for the icey slopes and great sales on equipment!

*Ginger iced tea

*4 at 4 - good thing we missed that one.

*Already decorated Christmas trees

*George, the white- haired ski instructor who is a horse trainer from Texas. No wonder she got hurt!