Friday, August 25, 2006


OK, this photo just made me laugh. Why exactly, I'm not sure. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Weight Loss Program for Dogs

I'm not kidding, my dog has lost a lot of weight this summer! All due to chasing around the pool cleaner, Steve. Maddie, the dog, thinks that "Steve," the robotic pool cleaner, is ALIVE. It's great entertainment for us all to watch her whine, bark, and even get sprayed by the moving "tail" which Steve likes to swing back and forth. Steve even climbs the walls and enjoys the deep end, eating bugs and debris from where I cannot (choose not) to go. This weight loss program simply includes running around and around and around and around... all day. I am trying this program, too, and have lost 5 lbs myself. You know, maybe Steve really is alive. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


My big Sis is now Stateside to help out my Mom, and she extended her stay so she could roadtrip to Detroit to watch 2 of her boys compete in the Little League World Series!!! How awesome is that??!! The best part of it is that I got to see her and hug on her little girls 2 times already.

Hey! I finally figured out this picture grid thing. Many thanks to Rachel B. and Picasa. I love that program, I will have to add it to my grateful list this Fall.

My kids started back to school today. August 16th is a little early, don't you think?! We had a time of grieving and mourning last night as we put the backpacks together, followed by a night of the throw ups via Emma. BUMMER, she missed the first day of school! The first and the last days are the only 2 good ones all year, right? Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Sooners go to Texas

This Sooner loving family, who happen to live in MO, took a roadtrip to San Antonio,Texas. Here are some moments to remember:

First stop, Lulu's house...

Princess dress up
homegrown food, specifically, fried ocra
pickin peaches off the trees
frozen banana slices (try it, it's very good)
frizzy pigtails
big Aunt Teri hugs
fairy dust ( chalk dust)

On to Texas:
This is our room? Next time we need to try
Alamo - the shrine. Take that OU hat off, Nathan.
Rivercenter Mall - Imax, Starbucks
Riverwalk floating taxi - very cool
Mi Tierra's - authentic texmex, even down to the $5.00 song at your table
Cartoon likeness of the kids
Market center
Tower of America's , the fanciest meal the kids have EVER eaten, the floor rotated so we could watch a 360* view of San Antonio
finding the location of every bathroom downtown.

Sea World:
Shamu (he really is dead you know)
Dining with "Shamu"
Feeding the dolphins
Mom getting kissed by the mime
Mortified kids
"Lost lagoon", which smelled like it was everyone's first bath of the summer.
234 - average weight of women who wore their string bikini tops to show off their new tatoos.
Dressin' Sexy at Sea World is alot like the Ozarks Empire Fair, I'm guessin'.

Yeah, it's real river water. (on the old part of the park)
65 acres of lines, 4 hour waits, people, people, people everywhere.
Not your average "Lazy" river.... 2 lives lost and my big toe stabbed a guy in the neck.

Lunch with the Gotcher's in his own home town, how cool is that?

Last Stop- Lulu's house:
cheese fondue that stunk up the house, but was amazingly delicious
planting peach trees (it's the pits)
swimming at the cousin reunion
watching the "Doodlebops" in the morning