Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Here's a little sneak preview of a family session with some old/new friends! That makes the second highschool friend reconnection for me this year... and they are my neighbors! I had to drive to Bartlesville for the first reconnection! And by the way, OLD FRIENDSHIPS made my gratefulness list this year. There's nothing like laughing about ridiculous stuff you did when you were 13.
Back to the photos - due to the really chili morning, we pushed back this session until about 10am. That's a little late for getting that nice glowy soft morning light, so we headed for the trees. It is so hard to find a spot where it's solid shade, but I think we did pretty well, regardless. They were such troopers and even hiked across the field to get to the other side of the pond. Let me just say, it was well worth the weeds in your shoes.:)
This is such a great family, and I can't wait to get to know them even better. Thanks for letting me take your family pics this year!!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Dipper Family Picture Time!

I just love this family! The cutest kids, the most incredible parents! The more I get to know them, the more I enjoy and admire them. Here are a couple of my favorite shots of the whole family-

Hopefully, I'm gonna try to post some shots of the kids next!


Monday, November 08, 2010


Ok, I know I've said this before, but I think I've found my new favorite thing! NEWBORN baby sessions! Let me just gush for awhile... this little jewel is Willow. A beautiful name for a beautiful little girl! She was exactly 2 weeks old when I shot these images, good and sleepy, a full tummy, all nice and warm. Willow, that is. Not me. There was the issue of that delicate little broken collar bone, and staying wide awake for awhile, but you would never know it by looking at these images. Congratulations to James and Tiffany! You are immensely blessed.

As for the technicalities of the session - read on...

I shot this session with my 50mm lens, 1.4 wide open in the natural light of her own baby room. I lugged in an enormous bean bag, soft black fleece, a reflector, and the sheepskin rug. Seriously, though, the bean bag hardly fits in my little red car! The one thing I love about the newborn session, is that you have to plan, and wait, and be patient, and know how to handle a little one with confidence and care. Also, I took very few frames compared to a family session. I wait, pose, adjust, pat her bottom a little to calm her, and finally snap the picture. MMmmmm. My kind of fun.