Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hiking Fox Acres

It was time once again for our quarterly hike to the big tree where all the snakes and crawling things like to hide. I always prefer doing this in the winter when everything is dead or sleeping, but now it is Spring and I could not justify keeping these kids holed up in the house when green grass, cow patties, and walking sticks were calling out to us. For your Fox family trivia knowledge, this is the lake in which my Dad threw my cousin's dog, Tramp, assuring us that ALL dogs can swim. He was wrong.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Meet "Charlie"

And No, to all my Fox family members, I did NOT name her. She is nothing like anyone in this family, immediate OR extended, living OR those with our Lord.... :-) This little Charlie likes to roll in her own manure, and kick at me if I have no grain in my hand. She is a bit like a spoiled toddler living in a child centered family. She has been by her Momma's side now for almost 1 1/2 years, and it shows. She is slowly learning, though, mainly because I am slowly learning how to teach her. And so far, she is settling in nicely. Her Momma, Sophie (pic will come later), went away for awhile, so I am the one she is learning to trust. She looks a bit like a mule, Greg says. And I agree for now, but just wait. If she is anything like Sophie, she will be beautiful!

National Holiday: "JUNE BUG DAY" April 12th

This morning I saw my first "June Bug" of the year, and here it is, April. Poor thing was doing what all June Bugs do, fighting for it's life on it's back. This sighting brings back to me all the memories of summer. It's my own little reminder that warm weather has arrived again, and with it all of summer's little pleasures like steaks on the grill, itchy mosquito bites, and running barefoot on the hot concrete. Even Nathan noticed the difference in the air this morning, he said it smelled like summer. So, what exactly does the return of this June Bug mean? Is it likened to groundhog day? If the brown little beetle actually flips over to it's feet, does summer come early?

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


It's that time of year, folks. Dig out that sunscreen and lather it on thick, 'cause we're gettin' in the pool! Better find the nice, big beach towel while you're at it. There has to be some sort of physiological phenomenon in children under the age of 12 where they have a layer under their epidermis called the "wetsuit" layer. They might actually notice the cold water, but do they care? Oh no, not on your life.

After the fun, we opted for some blood warming hot chocolate!