Tuesday, June 10, 2008

7 Girls - 7 Reasons to Celebrate


1. Someone turned 40, and it wasn't me.

2. I am a sucker and bought into those timeshares.

3. You can drive on the beach and watch the Dodge truck pull the Jeep out of the sand.

4. Nail polish comes in an endless array of pink.

5. 8th Grade graduation.

6. You can always attend church at the "Drive-In Christian Church," where you literally drive in, plug into the speaker, and watch the church show on the stage.

7. Our husbands are cool enough to let us do this.

Yes, I am aware that there are only 5 people in this pic, obviously someone had to snap the camera, and the other will go unnamed...

Can you guess WHO the birthday girl was? (No fair if you've already talked to me.)

Can you guess WHERE we were??

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