Monday, August 25, 2008

My Friends, the Lennard's


Saturday morning I had this photo shoot with the Lennard family... more guinea pigs for my budding photography career! :-) Seriously, with the overcast, gauzy light that morning, anyone with half a brain could've come up with great shots. They are wonderful people, dear, dear friends, and I think that made us all feel at ease. Sometimes that lense makes people just freeze up! I just finished editing 120 photos, so how could I narrow it down to one I liked best? These here are some of my favorites. The picture grid just crops things wierd, though, so it's not completely accurate. No, I don't cut heads off, I just shoot people.

PS. My dog is snoring loudly at my feet!
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Friday, August 22, 2008

Bekah Boo


This is my sister's youngest. And she is a fun one...

As for the photo...
I know that's ice cream around her mouth, but could you, my faithful blogging friends, could you tell that right off?
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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Twins



Meet Derek and Evan ... these are my sisters boys. 16 years old now and growing taller every day. They were here in August with the whole family (all 9) and I tried to get a good shot of each one of them. Our "photo shoot" took all of 20seconds each, so I was pretty excited to get something I thought was good enough to post and show to the whole blogging world out there. They have all since moved to Idaho, which is even more the reason why I needed a great pic to remember them by throughout the year.
More to come of that awesome Belschner family...
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Friday, August 08, 2008

Lulu's Luvin' Life


Check out this pretty little snapshot I got of Mom right before she left to go back home. Can't you see how happy she is?!
Mom, you look more beautiful than ever! Thanks for coming up in the Belschner Bus to visit, to swim in my pool, to hike up and down those hills at Steal yer Dollar City... thanks for singing and praising the Lord with me and Sandy in church. It's a moment I'll never forget.

-and THANKS to so many of you for praying for her health. It has not been easy, and truthfully, liver transplants are no walk in the park. But what a testimony of grace and perserverence. Mom's faith has been quite an anchor to us all, even though there have been times when she thought she would never really get better again, she never stopped believing that God is in control. And now, He has answered our prayers in ways so far above and beyond what we could ask for or think. For this time, for this season, my mom is well. So I publically want to say thank you to all who have uttered a request to God for our strength and her healing. AND ABOVE ALL, I MUST GIVE PRAISE AND GLORY THE ONE WHO KNOWS THE NUMBER OF OUR DAYS HERE ON THIS EARTH, WHO NAMED EVERY STAR, AND LOVED ME SINCE BEFORE THE BEGINNING OF TIME. JUST TO BE CALLED YOUR CHILD IS WORTH EVERY MOUNTAINTOP AND EVERY VALLEY. YOU ALONE ARE WORTHY OF ALL MY PRAISE.
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Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Lincoln Memorial


Here's a shot from our recent trip to DC... I'll just post a few pics when I feel like it.

Awesome place, complete with a cute kid running around = potentially a nice photo :-)

The words on the wall are from Abe Lincoln's 2nd inaugural address, about 6 weeks before he was shot. Greg said the guy who spoke before Lincoln rambled on for 2 HOURS, and when he got up there he only spoke for like 9 minutes. Powerful words, delivered in a very efficient manner. Short and sweet, just like Lotz's wedding.
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