Wednesday, September 22, 2010


If you know me at all, you know that music is my first and foremost passion, probably not even taking a second to photography. I've noticed, though, that a lot of photographers are also musicians! I could name off several immediately as I write this...
So when this handsome senior pulled out his guitar, I perked up and jumped on the chance to grab some images that highlight one of his favorite things. He handled that instrument much like I handle my cameras (or my flute), not just with caution, but with a genuine knowledge of its valuable place in his life. Not trying to sound all philosophical and deep, but us musicians, we know what I mean.
I so enjoyed taking these senior pics! It was a beautiful evening, and we went to an incredible location. (Thanks Suzanne!) There are so many, many neat places here around Rogersville. The more I peek around corners and drive down these country roads, the more cool places I find.
And Matt, thanks for letting me take your pictures! I hope you love them!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Just Another Day at the Office

Oh, the mundane, everyday, stuff of life. It's all just work, work, work. So here I go again, another photo shoot...

It's a tough job, being a photographer. Especially when it entails running down to the lake on the day after Labor Day when everyone else is back to laboring and all. I believe it was 4MPH winds that day, about 82 degrees, and perfectly overcast (that's actually a very good thing for photo shoots). This incredible skier is Phyllis, and she also makes a pretty good turkey and mustard sandwich. Her husband, Wade, was the master boat driver, and all I had to do was hang out and take pictures. Hey, I even got to jump in and go for a spin around the cove a bit. I just need to use 2 skiis, and I don't exactly get that pretty wall of water. Yeah, I think I like my job. It may be tough on days like these, but I'll hang in there.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

50 YEARS... and counting!

I sure can't say enough how this couple amazes me! Every time I am with them, I take with me a little something I can apply in my own life, to somehow improve my marriage, or fine tune my parenting. You see, they have raised 3 kids - a girl, a boy, and a girl. We are also raising 3 kids, in that very same order. The boy in the middle thing has turned out pretty good for them, so I am hopeful. But the kicker is this, they have raised some pretty godly kids, and the grandkids are now following in this legacy. So if you think I'm being all serious in this blog post, you might just pick up on how honored I feel to have taken their pictures for their 50th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! I am thrilled to consider Jim and Nancy, along with their family, lifelong friends.
Favorite recent Nancy quote:
"I am not married to my best friend, I am married to my husband. There is a difference."

I also had the joy of taking their daughter's family pics at the park this past week - Amy, you'll get to see them before the rest of the world, I promise. :)

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Tiny Dancer

Where there's an empty dance floor, there has to be one brave soul who will try to get things started. The music was so pretty, she just couldn't resist. The hands folded across her chest pose... she was actually dancing in her chair with beautiful arm twirls and hand rolls. Oh, to be 2 and completely uninhibited.