Monday, April 28, 2008

Emma is a Star!

Emma's 4th grade class at LogRog was on KSPR 33 Saturday night. The story is about how all this flooding caused us to go to school on Saturdays to make up lost school days. Her teacher has a lot of airtime - we just love Mrs. Melugin!! You can't miss Emma, in the video, either - she's got that hair...

I don't know how to post a video yet, so you'll just have to click this link:

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Lulu Got a New Liver

Sunday morning, as I was getting ready for church, I thought to myself, "I should probably pack my toiletry bag and have it ready so when I get a call from Mom I can just grab my clothes and GO..." I did so, and 1 HOUR LATER she called. A donar liver was coming from Texas and she was walking into the hospital. My Mom was going to get her much needed liver transplant that very day. Praise God. This is her 2nd transplant and I can't tell you how quickly the time was running out on her old one.
I jumped in the car and headed to OK City after kissing my family goodbye for the week, they headed to church, and the whirlwind began.
Surgery started at 6:50pmSunday evening, and lasted until 3:00am. A long 8 hours. The surgeon was pleased with how well she did and said it was a "beautiful liver." Ahh, he says that about all his livers...
I sat with Mom in ICU for the next long day. At about 4:15, I headed to her house to rest a couple of hours and shower. At 4:30 she gave us quite a scare and I headed straight back to the hospital. The pain meds had relaxed her so much that her breathing slowed to almost nothing and they couldn't wake her at all. They reintibated her (installed a breathing tube again), and in a few minutes got her stablized. That was all on Monday, I think. Now it's Wed am and she's doing great. She sat up and ate breakfast and plans to move her to a regular room sometime today!!! We praise the Lord for his provision during this time. I have had plenty of rest now, family surrounding us, and the prayers of countless loved ones. We thank you all so much, and thank you for even taking the time to read this update.
My sister is on her way here, driving right now from Dallas to OK City due to all those grounded flights by American Airlines. With 3 little girls, all their carry-ons, and probably some jet lag to boot, she has a busy day ahead of her.
Hopefully soon I can post a pic of the "Fox Trio."
That's all for now...