Friday, February 20, 2009

Never Say Never,





but I will NEVER move again.

1. Complete exhaustion
2. Boxes everywhere
3. This is why we love this new place: a great house, lots of outdoor adventures, and friendly neighbors!
4. This is why the kids love this place: zip line

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kids kids kids


This was taken 5 days before we officially closed on this house. I guess we were doing our best to add as many stains on the carpet and scuffs on the walls/woodwork as possible before we left. I thought about printing this pic and leaving it in the house for the new owners... but I'm not sure they would find it so funny. Seriously though, I filled the nail holes and painted over them, cleaned every shelf and even washed above the cabinets! Greg practically took a toothbrush to the barn floor, and all this in about 3 days. We owe some of you BIG TIME for helping us in the move!!! WE COULD NOT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU. More on that in the next post...
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Isn't that such a great feeling?? Being the first to tromp through a fresh snow, making tracks even before anything else...
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12 years old


I've been a bit out of touch, so I thought I would just choose a few pics to highlight our busy Jan/Feb.
This was our first big event: Nathan turned 12! That was Jan 21st, and we did celebrate on his actual bday, but we also took a few boys down to Big Cedar for an overnight. We considered it a successful stay with only one complaint from mangment to keep down the noise!
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