Saturday, January 17, 2009

Oh, the Holidays have come and gone...


It all happened so fast, me blogging about it, not so. I know it's old news, but here are some of my favorite shots from our festivities...

I really don't have any good pics yet of the house we're moving to, just inspection shots of the interior of the furnace and stuff like that. I do hope people will still drive out for pool parties & cookouts... We should be able to have one incredible Fall Fest, too. That's way too far away, though, how 'bout FESTIVUS????
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Saturday, January 10, 2009



A lot has happened in the 4 years since this shot was taken. ..

I've been absent these few weeks from the blog/facebook/email world completely because I have been blitzing the market to find where we should live next. Almost 2 weeks ago on a Sunday night, the family was enjoying the 3rd annual Lord of the Rings watch party (something it seems only our family enjoys), when the phone rang with an offer on our house. I about choked on my popcorn. After a few days of negotiations, we came to terms and that's when it all began.
With the main search criteria being the Log-Rog school district, I checked out every active, expired, and withdrawn listing fron the last year... That's a lot for this slow computer connection, too!
So finally I came across this beauty that sits on 8 acres a little further out in Rog. Fantastic, AND the current owners are even Sooner fans. It was meant to be. We agreed on terms this morning and now we are under contract to buy their pretty home. Can't wait. I love it!
I'll try to stay current here, but the move is on...

(By the way, it has some georgeous photo spots!)
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