Friday, March 13, 2009

A Boy and His Dog


...his 4th one. Meet "Opie." He is a stray beagle/brittany spaniel mix, which would explain why he just wandered away from his previous home and showed up at our house last week. He just wouldn't leave, but then again I don't blame him. We're so interesting, what with all the kids, animals of all kinds, food and water just for the taking, yep, he's here to stay. Or at least "hang out" till his nose carries him away to the next family of suckers.
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Monday, March 09, 2009

4 Wheelin' Lulu!





Yes. You are seeing this correctly. That is my mom on the 4 wheeler with Greg: 2 time liver transplant recipient, just 11 months out from her life saving surgery. The doctor told her to get out there and live, I think she's gettin the hang of it now...

Become an organ donor! If the Lord sees fit to bring you on home, you might as well leave parts of that ole body here for people like my Mom to use. I so wish that family whose loved one gave her this liver could read this post, and see the good that came from their loss. I have my Mom still. Words cannot begin to say Thank you.
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The Belschner Girls





Impossible to pick out just 3 or 4 shots from this weekend... I'm sooo glad they got to visit while it was warm enough for a picnic in the treehouse!
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