Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I am a horse.

No really, I am. And read that correctly, I said horse, not house. At least this is what my friend told me. You see, I don't know that many women (that wear makeup and fix their hair) who can wrestle a 2,000lb couch into the back of a pickup truck all by themselves. OK, so it wasn't exactly 2,000lbs and it wasn't a huge sleeper sofa. More like a "setee" my mother calls it, but it is very, very old and they don't make setee's like they use to. In fact, I don't think they make them at all. Also on the move was a lovely floral tapestried wingback chair, which brings me to the explanation of why I was so desperate to haul them. They look really, really bad. AWFUL. Verging on grotesque. Someone I know is going to transform these cast offs into lovely sitting pieces for our new home. They called me, saying they know of my furniture's lowly state of being, with no hope of making themselves beautiful on their own. Desiring them to be placed in a special place of comfort and protection under our new roof, I had no choice but to pick them up alone, sacrificing my body (as well as the diamond out of my engagement ring) and place them securely in the pickup truck for the journey to transformation. The ride wasn't always easy. At one point I accelerated hard, and the wingback wanted to bolt out of the truck on it's own, but I would never take off faster than that chair could handle, I made sure that nothing would let it fall. On to the drop off point we traveled together, singing to the music and flying right over all the rest of the bumps and turns in the road. Finally, we reached our destination, I stopped the truck myself and brought my tattered and worn furniture pieces inside. The one who called me looked at the chairs and yet spoke to me. I stood between them and explained how I had sacrificed myself to get them there and even though the choice to do it that way had proved to be very costly, it was the only way possible. The promise of hope was given, and restoration would be complete as we both rejoiced in the beauty that would soon come for these precious sitting pieces. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THE FINISHED PRODUCT IN MY HOME!
You know, I may be paying for it today, but sometimes it is good to be a horse.

{{{By the way, there will be a stone searching party in my front yard at Noon today!}}}

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Cindy said...

Great post! That was awesome! I missed the part last night about you losing your diamond!! Yikes! Hope you find it!!