Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Happy Days Are Here Again!

Dear Friends and Loved Ones,

You are all so kind (as well as probably a bit bored) to keep checking this page for recent Roy ramblings and pictures. Hey, that's a great name! I think I will rename this blog. It's a good thing to do, a new year, a new chapter in our lives, even a new job. Did I just say new job??? . Yes, it may involve me waving my arms around a little, I might even speak a line, "please be seated," or "Join us and sing..." , but I am just putting the music together. So far, it's a blast. How could I not love pouring through music books, rehearsing, and listening to new music collections all day long. Ahhh, if only that's what I did all day today. I have spent way too much time in front of this computer screen and right now my eyes are twitching and I have a pulsating headache, more like a rhythm, pounding in my head.

The big move to Royrogersville went, well, let's just say.... it's OVER. I had A LOT of help from Mers, God bless her. We are thrilled to be home, though. And yes, it does feel like home already. Some pics are up, and rugs are in place, even greenery ladies! But we have dreamed and planned and waited for this to come to fruition for a very long time. I did end up with an extra black ladies coat, though. No,I did NOT send out Christmas cards, I haven't even sent out a cute little change of address. I don't remember if we had Christmas. Oh yes, ya'll shoulda seen our tree. Now that was an experience I won't soon forget. Greg cut it down off the land (grunt as you read that) , we trimmed it up a little and brought that lovely red cedar inside. Too tall, of course, back outside. More trimmin', back inside... perfect. Moving on the 9th, there was no way I was going to go hunt for the ornaments and dig them out. Instead we paperchained, and popcorn strung, and coffee filter snowflaked the thing to death. Simple, and might I say, quaint in an elegant way. Whatever. The kids said it was the best tree we've ever had.


Robert has met his Maker this week. He lived a full life of about a year and went peacefully. Like and ox to the slaughter. Oblivious, poor thing. Our freezer will soon be full. Cook out at the Roy's, Memorial Day 2006!!

Back to other things...
We still do not have e-mail hooked up at home yet, it's gonna be dial up, people. It will be painful for awhile, but we'll cope. Neither am I able to upload pics, yet. Lauren's digital broke, I dropped it how many times? So that's what I'll do this afternoon, go get her (me) a new little point and shoot digi.

Love to all,


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Robbeebob said...

wait, Robert died? is that the one nathan named?

PS Robert is probobly the coolist name on the planet.

God rest his soul