Monday, May 08, 2006


Moments to remember...

*Mini- Ha Ha

*Club "Med"

*Roses' lovely shorts

*Day 1 = 10 wipeouts

*Day2= only 3 wipe outs

*I need more practice before I can do those bowls with everyone else...

*Luggage that went on to Idaho?

*My own personal thumb injury, which pales in comparison to all the others we heard about: the broken leg on the other side of the curtain, the head that hit the rock, broken back, broken wrist, and of course, the torn ACL...

*If you go skiing on the last weekend of the season, be prepared for the icey slopes and great sales on equipment!

*Ginger iced tea

*4 at 4 - good thing we missed that one.

*Already decorated Christmas trees

*George, the white- haired ski instructor who is a horse trainer from Texas. No wonder she got hurt!

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