Thursday, September 07, 2006

Labor Day?

Labor means "work," right? I don't think so.... Here we are having FUN, an absolute blast! Posted by Picasa

Here's what we did:

*College Class Activity at our house on Sat.

*4 Wheelin' at Mineral Springs on Sun. (Thanks Joe and Shannon!)

*Hillen Taco's, swimmin', horse ridin', 4 wheelin', dust makin', and adventure hikin' on Monday at our house.

WHEW! Now that's work, huh? And for all you you who are just hungry for some trivial knowledge, and want to know the true meaning of Labor Day (It's not quite as good as Christmas, though)... go to
I'll let them tell you all about it.


HelterShelter said...

Let me just say that Cindy was an extremely intregal part of the "Hillenburg Taco" fest and I'm glad that she's finally shown in a collage of pictures from the party. Her diligence and dedication in making Labor Day '06 an event to remember will be held in high regard for years (or at least until next year). Thanks again for the great time. Plus she's better looking than Mark anyway!

How's that Cindy? BTW - what is that thing again in your nose?

runner-mom said...

Hey Terri! I was so shocked to see you respond to one of my blogs. So you have entered the blogging world? We'll have to keep in touch this way.:-)Also, I would love to keep in touch with your sister. Does she blog or have email? Lots of Love!! gina

hillenblogshappywife said...

THanks helter, i appreciate the shout out!