Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Picture's Worth... Felony Charges?

Note: This is not a paid advertisement. :-)

I found this great new photographer in town, a gal I've actually known for several years now. Her name is Dawn Shields. Write that down. A few years ago she got into photography and now it's pretty much her thing. So this past October we actually organized a real sitting at the Veteran's Memorial Cemetary out near Springfield Lake. We showed up right at 6pm to get the perfect light and she went right to work. We had to trespass onto private property in order to get to this really cool bridge, but getting this awesome shot is worth being a perp. Ahh, but trespassing on private property isn't the only trouble we got into that evening. Read on...

We finished all the pictures at about 6:40pm, we stood around and chatted for a few minutes, then we all piled in our cars to leave the park. The sun is now setting, and we pull up to the gate only to find it LOCKED. Yes, we are now LOCKED inside a cemetary during the last week before Halloween. Not good. The kids thought it was really fun at first, till Daddy had to call 911 to come get us. Fortuantely, the 911 people called the Sherriff, who called somebody, who called somebody, who finally came to unlock the gate and gave us all a good talkin' to. I thought our photographer would die of embarrassment, but it all turned out fine.

Back to that photographer, I think she did a great job and I wanted to tell you all about her. Go to and check her out. She's traveled all over the place now and learned from some incredible teachers. Thanks Dawn, and I hope you don't get me in trouble for scanning this image in order to brag on you! :-)

The Roy Rap sheet now includes:
Trespassing onto private property
Being in a Public Park after it's closed and locked up like Fort Knox
Not stopping to pray for the soldiers who have passed on to Heaven
Copyright infringement

A great portrait IS worth it, unless this blog gets me into trouble now. Posted by Picasa


gina said...

beautiful picture of all of you and a priceless story worthy of years of family gathering!

Merry Christmas to you guys.

Runner Mom of 4 said...

Hey Terri! What a great story! I would have loved to been there, laughing of course. Does stuff like that happen to you guys much? I also read your ice falling blog. Greg's poor mom. I had to laugh at that one to. I caught up on all your blogs on this page. You're a great writer! The drive to Oklahoma sounded like fun also. :-)