Tuesday, March 06, 2007

What I Love About Winter

As we all start throwing open our windows, going to the parks, taking walks on something that doesn't tell you how few calories you have really burned in 45 minutes... I am reminded that we are not far from saying goodbye to Ole Man Winter for the first part of 2007. I say, "good riddence!" But in my efforts to remain a positive person and always striving to think the best, I will share with you what I will miss, come Spring:

Scrapbooking (yeah right)

A fire in the fireplace that burns the REAL wood

A predictable, although full, schedule

A Big Cedar cabin getaway, complete with movies, hot chocolate, and plenty of stuff to read, sprinting to the out door hot tub with the kids, and yet another fire in the fireplace. Yeah, I love that.

NO PESKY HOUSEFLIES!!!!! I forget, they will be coming back soon, and I will cry on that beautiful, sun drenched day when I spot the first one in my house. Oh please, God, spare Roygersville of this plague!

That's all for now, I would list 10 things if I could think of 10.

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Sandy Lou said...

Let's see if I can add five to make and even ten...
6) Sleeping under down comforters ("deckes" in German.
7) Trash cans that don't stink to high heaven (our pickup is once every two weeks! Imagine the smell.)
8) The Big Sweater which Tami brought back to me from her trip to Ireland.
9) No mowing (and especially NOT having to scrap between each brick in our driveway...a weekly task)!
10) Hot Beverages...cappucino, Earl Grey tea, and homemade hot chocolate.