Thursday, July 31, 2008



So, I've been busy taking pictures, still working on DC images. Actually I haven't even been through them all yet. My sister's whole family and my Mom came for a visit. That's 10 people right there... I was on a high all weekend, though. And now Greg's family is here and the fun continues...

Seriously, if anyone wants me to take photos of their kids and family, let me know. I'm such an ameteur still, but I'd love to get more practice. I should be more available starting Aug 14, when the kids go back to school. Unless I get hired by some cool professional photographer who just needs me to help manage their thriving business. So we'll see...
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Anonymous said...

Teri, You really are sooo talented! What a cutie Meg is too!

Muncy said...


Amy and I were actually talking the other day about getting Gabes 2 year old pictures done, and possibly and family photo as well. We would be glad to let you get some practice if you are interested, if so give me a call when you are free. Talk to you later, your hubby knows my number.


Kyle M