Friday, March 13, 2009

A Boy and His Dog


...his 4th one. Meet "Opie." He is a stray beagle/brittany spaniel mix, which would explain why he just wandered away from his previous home and showed up at our house last week. He just wouldn't leave, but then again I don't blame him. We're so interesting, what with all the kids, animals of all kinds, food and water just for the taking, yep, he's here to stay. Or at least "hang out" till his nose carries him away to the next family of suckers.
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Anonymous said...

Teri, he really is a sweet dog....and he WON'T leave; he has it made there...just take him to the vet for the shot,etc...He is company for ya

Veri Teri said...

UPDATE: He's already left us!! Well... then he came back... and now he's left us again. Little tramp.