Saturday, November 07, 2009

So, this bottom photo is obviously not from a "session," but I love it - well, I love THEM. We have been blessed here in the Ozarks to have 2 BEAUTIFUL Saturdays in a row, so we better take advantage of it and go outside!
The next day, I took pictures of a barrel race in Marshfield, which was also great fun. I met a lot of wonderful people who are very good at something I am not... horses. I actually own 2 myself. But I do not do what they do... they ride their horses. A LOT. And to train them to work around the barrel course in about 15 seconds? Pretty cool. I'll just stick to snapping the shutter. Which, by the way, this was probably the most challenging shoot so far for me. LOW LIGHT - FAST ACTION - DUST - LOTS of brown dirt... All part of the job, and I did my best. But next time, I may bring that $4,000 lens along with me. Oh yeah, I don't have it yet... :-)

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