Saturday, January 02, 2010


I have too many favorites of this shoot, so I'm sharing several of them here...

Laura had asked that I not post until after Christmas gifts and all had been opened, so FINALLY, I get to share these with the world.

Obviously, we all look a bit cozy warm in these outdoor shots, probably because it was November and it was during that beautiful weather phase here in the Ozarks...

Last night I texted the Demers to see what they were up to, and lo and behold, they were watching the exact same movie our family was watching!! Only they were 13 min ahead of us, texting me improtant lines and such. Now that's friendship. It's OK, though, it was Fellowship of the Ring, and I kinda know how it goes ~ since we watch the Trilogy every winter break. I'm not an orc junkie, I hate 'em, but the themes interwoven throughout the Lord of the Rings are wonderful, and I preach to my kids the whole time. I know they love it.
Sorry, I digress.

I can't say enough good things about this family, other than I've enjoyed getting to know them on a deeper level this year, and I was thrilled to get to take their pictures. It was an easy and fast session, again in my back field which I think is perfect. Although, now there are 2 horses in that field and it's not so perfect anymore, if you know what I mean.

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LauraD said...

Teri, you are a gifted photographer! Thanks for taking such great pictures for us!! We love them!
Love you guys!