Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sawyer and a really long hat

Babies. I love em. Last week I got to visit this little guy named Sawyer at his home. And what a cutie he is! Sorry, maybe that wasn't a manly enough statement for all those guys in his family... but he really is adorable! That hair! Seriously, people pay good money for long, thick hair, so this little guy's got it goin on.
And then there's that hat... it was custom made for my sessions by Debbie Kuhn... soon to be on! Well, at least that's what I think she should do. If you would like one of her darling hats custom made for you or a friend, let me know and I can give you her number! :)

About how I got these pictures...
Most of these images are done by a window with that warm sunshine lighting Sawyer's face up. I just think it's amazing to play with the shadows, the light hitting only half the face. It adds so much more interest, I think. Yes, I tote along a nice flash setup, but I never seem to use it that much. It's kinda scary for a newborn!



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