Friday, August 19, 2011

Back in Time at Betsy's

Last week we had an amazing, and I mean amazing photo shoot at my friend Betsy's house. Now, if you know Betsy, you are already jealous, aren't you? Seriously, I arrive, ready to jump right in and not waste any time with chit chat, and she has fresh coffee, & banana bread baking in her beautiful kitchen... That was tough enough. But at the end of our session, I find her island spread with goodies for lunch! Wraps, chicken, watermelon, and fresh homemade salsa by the master chef, Mike (husband)! To top it all off, she wouldn't let me leave until I had a homemade brownie sundae. Yes, I shall schedule all future sessions at her house. Having people over, and feeding them lots of yummy, homemade goodness... now that speaks my language.
But I haven't even mentioned her house, yet, have I? Oh, it's just the coolest place you could imagine. Built by hand, in authentic 1800's period style, it just feels completely right. It seems the only appropriate place to hold a senior photo session for a couple of girls whose FAV movie is Pride and Prejudice.
So as a very small token of my gratefulness, I snapped a shot or two of these little cuties, running around and showing only slight curiosity in what I was doing. After all, their cousins were there. And that was much more interesting.
I love the chip in her left hand and the braid in the other. And the little boy, well, he was actually STUCK in that chair. At least it kept him still for a minute...

So, THANK YOU, BETSY!!! Thank you for your hospitality, as always. Thanks for the chips and salsa you sent with me. (My friends were so impressed) Thanks for the brownie and the watermelon... And thank you for letting me invade your home for awhile, just to get those perfect shots I was looking for. I have known you a very long time, now, and you are truly amazing at everything you put your mind to do. I can't wait to show you the pictures of the girls!

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