Wednesday, July 10, 2013

8 Weeks to Fitness!

This blog is obviously not entirely about photography, it is also very personal. Dig back through the archives and you'll see what I mean. So, once again,  I am going to be transparent here and totally open up to what's going on in my head these days. You may just discover that you can relate...

The GOAL is set. Incentive is chosen. Now is the time to put action to this plan. I may choose to share the details of this goal later in my fitness journey, but for you that really doesn't matter. We each are different. We have different health needs, different schedules, and different strengths & weaknesses. What matters is that I take action and do something. And I must succeed. Whether or not I achieve my goals is entirely based on consistency and accountability - thus I blog. I know the good habits that need to be embraced. I've read the books, watched the news, & started countless times.  Why will this time be different?  I want it badly enough. Plus the incentive is pretty nice.
    In case you are wondering what I'll actually be doing, here is my plan for July 7th - Sept 1...

#1 ~ God is always concerned most with our hearts... so I'll start there ~ Get in the WORD. The first & most important part of total body fitness is what's going on inside the heart. If this doesn't work right, many negative issues will develop.  If you disagree with this, it's OK, feel free to skip ahead. But please, hear me out. I plan to read, memorize, & pray daily. Truth is, I am so dependent on God that I don't want to skip an opportunity to spend time with Him. He is real, and He is good.  I believe in him and I believe He has something to say.  I find that in the Bible, and it does apply to me, to all of us, today.  So  #1 in this plan, GET IN THE WORD & get to know more of God.

#2 ~ Exercise every day. Often 2x per day. Record all my activities in Runkeeper.
          Cardio: walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, etc...
          Strength training: Ab work, push ups, & free weights. Also I do love yoga!

#3 ~ Nutrition:  1200 calories (or less) a day.  {this is hard for me!}
                         Record everything in the app My Fitness Pal -
                         Utilize the rules in Jumpstart To Skinny by Bob Harper for 3 weeks.
                         Go with organic & whole foods as much as possible.
                         Limit carbs to things like fruits, nuts, quinoa, & oatmeal.
                         Take a good multi vitamin.
                          Drink LOTS of water daily!

Now, for my own little pep talk  ~ this is an 8 week plan! This is the best time of the year to get healthy, work out in the wonderful warm weather, and eat the wonderful fruits and veggies of the season! I can do this. Every time I want to be lazy or indulge in wedding cake, I will think of my prize that is waiting.  
     That prize is both tangible, as well as sentimental. But even if there was no carrot dangling before me, the benefits of accomplishing these goals are personal.  Good health is a GIFT. Every breath I have is made possible by my Father in Heaven. I want to be able to do great things for Him well into my old age.  So I need to be taking care of this body and this mind now.  My soul is sustained and fed by Him & only through Him can I accomplish anything at all in this life.

      Walk with me on this journey? Pick your plan, set your goals, and do it today! 


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