Sunday, February 01, 2015

FEB 2 - Stats

Blogging every day is hard. And apparently, so is walking a mile every day. Last Saturday, I missed it. So that's 2 days I've missed for the year! I'm still going though! 

I will share these stats though...  in JANUARY, I walked or ran 35 miles, burned over 6000 calories, and logged 39 activities. I'd say that is a HUGE improvement over my Jan 2014... I'm proud of my progress and I feel strong! (Shout out to the Runkeeper app! Find me there, and we can be friends :) 

Last week was a crazy week, but it was so good. I worked out at the Dan Kinney Center a lot (and we finally joined, too! I feel so legit.), I edited pictures, made orders, paid bills, made new friends, My daughter sang the National Anthem at a HS basketball game and she nailed it! My other daughter bought me a new instrument... A mountain dulcimer! And today I booked another wedding! 

I truly am learning that this journey is about progress, not perfection. I will have to really kick in my good eating habits, & then MAYBE I will see results. 

So keep checking in... I'll just have to share more pics to keep you interested, but I WILL be here! 

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