Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hiking Fox Acres

It was time once again for our quarterly hike to the big tree where all the snakes and crawling things like to hide. I always prefer doing this in the winter when everything is dead or sleeping, but now it is Spring and I could not justify keeping these kids holed up in the house when green grass, cow patties, and walking sticks were calling out to us. For your Fox family trivia knowledge, this is the lake in which my Dad threw my cousin's dog, Tramp, assuring us that ALL dogs can swim. He was wrong.

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Jana said...

Ah..good times. Remember Michael and his yellow jackets stings around that lake? Gina and Mike and I were walking around it once and ran into a HUGE armadillo that seemed to rare up and growl at us. It was just terrifying. Of course it was so long ago..

Anyway, Mike's house is complete and he is moving in this weekend. Yeah!

I didn't know you all were in town or we would have made burgers or something. Give me a call the next time you are in Newcastle. I believe we are buying a sail boat today and we can take the kids out for a sail on Lake Hefner. THat would be fun!

Much love,