Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Meet "Charlie"

And No, to all my Fox family members, I did NOT name her. She is nothing like anyone in this family, immediate OR extended, living OR those with our Lord.... :-) This little Charlie likes to roll in her own manure, and kick at me if I have no grain in my hand. She is a bit like a spoiled toddler living in a child centered family. She has been by her Momma's side now for almost 1 1/2 years, and it shows. She is slowly learning, though, mainly because I am slowly learning how to teach her. And so far, she is settling in nicely. Her Momma, Sophie (pic will come later), went away for awhile, so I am the one she is learning to trust. She looks a bit like a mule, Greg says. And I agree for now, but just wait. If she is anything like Sophie, she will be beautiful!

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ryan said...

hey! i don't know why you don't have any comments left on you blog, it rocks! i really like it. and nice pictures. i could go for a dip in your pool right now... but i can't. :) and i'll say sorry on behalf of mers for poking a hole in your garage ceiling. those can be tough to patch... but not the end of the world. i'm glad she didn't fall all the way through... so thanks for putting - whatever it was that stopped her from falling to her death - in the way!