Sunday, October 15, 2006

Rockbridge Adventure

I call this an adventure, because we were charting new territory. New to us, that is...
I think the kids will always remember the day we spent in the car when they were really hoping to go camping in the wilderness somewhere far away from a toilet.
Instead, we drove down through Ava, MO, but not quite to Gainesville, where I once played basketball. Glendale against Gainsville?? What were they thinking?? We shut them out, with the final score being something like 60 - 2. We also yelled, "Go, Go, Goat-ropers!" in the huddle to start the game. Now that's high class for ya. I digress...

Rockbridge, MO is a beautiful place with an old grist mill and a restaurant, and a humidor??? Oh well, here are a few thoughts about our day:

*Don't tell the kids you might camp there, simply nothing less will do.

*NEVER skip rocks with an eager Lab by your side. Poor thing just couldn't stay out of the water. At one point, Nathan hurled a crabapple into the river to see how far he could throw it, when out of nowhere - there goes Duke, flying over the bank and into 5 ft? deep water after that "ball." He finally gave up and tried to swim back to the edge, only to find he could not climb up the steep bank at that spot. Emma cried and we all got a little nervous, but he made it on down the river. I think he's still looking for that crabapple.

*Make RESERVATIONS at the restaurant. We didn't, but I hear it's amazing...

*35 mm camera's actually take film...

*Beware of large dogs with behemoth heads from the movie, "SandLot." Posted by Picasa



Pardon my intrusion, I found your
address on your friends blog.

THE COLORS! Aren't they incredible?
We lived in the Mojave Desert for 29 years, had AAU swimming, camping,
and raising four kids far from L.A.

Our blessing was being removed from
night-time city lights.

The Milky Way... A zillion Suns!


We retired to Eastern Tennessee, and now we have the Fall Colors!

Now, to remain useful to my nation, although old, I blog. reb


Oh, check out my 'History' Post.
Comment if you wish. reb