Thursday, October 26, 2006

Look around you!

If you live here in the Ozarks, you no doubt love this time of year. This is what I see as I drive into town every day! The colors all around us are simply amazing. This year I have been very aware of the beauty. I thinks it's because I must be getting older and learning to appreciate it when things are good, because so often times things may not be so good. I just had to go around and take pictures this year - I've got some great ones for that HSBC photo contest! And yes, I can enter because I'm not judging.

So I just have to share this thought for you, a little more on the serious side...

Why did God make the trees turn color?

There is a scientific process that occurs, I know, but I am asking why did He do that? God could have simplified things a bit and just made the leaves go from bright, summer green to all dried up and falling off the trees. I don't really have THE answer, and I think there may be many. But this year, for me, it's just beauty. God creates beauty. Look at us, we are fearfully and wonderfully made. No, we're not perfect now due to sin, but he restores us and creates that beauty again and again, just like those leaves. So, look around you and remember who you are, who God is, and what we're here for. Heavy, but that's what's in my head this week.

We're going camping tonight in the rain, 7 kids, possibly 3 dogs, and 2 campers (not tents). I'll let you know how that goes... Posted by Picasa

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gina said...

beautiful picture! This is exactly what I was talking about in the blog "Fall Glory." Down here in Southeast Texas it is 85 degrees and 98% humidity, the leaves are still green, and when they do fall off, they will simply turn brown. No pretty colors.

We were in Lansing, MI this weekend, and we drove the 20 hours through 9 states. We got to see the colorful progression that is tied to there actually being a fall. *sigh*

Hopefully there will still be some pretty colors in November when the boys and I come in for a visit!