Friday, August 08, 2008

Lulu's Luvin' Life


Check out this pretty little snapshot I got of Mom right before she left to go back home. Can't you see how happy she is?!
Mom, you look more beautiful than ever! Thanks for coming up in the Belschner Bus to visit, to swim in my pool, to hike up and down those hills at Steal yer Dollar City... thanks for singing and praising the Lord with me and Sandy in church. It's a moment I'll never forget.

-and THANKS to so many of you for praying for her health. It has not been easy, and truthfully, liver transplants are no walk in the park. But what a testimony of grace and perserverence. Mom's faith has been quite an anchor to us all, even though there have been times when she thought she would never really get better again, she never stopped believing that God is in control. And now, He has answered our prayers in ways so far above and beyond what we could ask for or think. For this time, for this season, my mom is well. So I publically want to say thank you to all who have uttered a request to God for our strength and her healing. AND ABOVE ALL, I MUST GIVE PRAISE AND GLORY THE ONE WHO KNOWS THE NUMBER OF OUR DAYS HERE ON THIS EARTH, WHO NAMED EVERY STAR, AND LOVED ME SINCE BEFORE THE BEGINNING OF TIME. JUST TO BE CALLED YOUR CHILD IS WORTH EVERY MOUNTAINTOP AND EVERY VALLEY. YOU ALONE ARE WORTHY OF ALL MY PRAISE.
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gina said...

She looks beautiful and healthy! It's so great to see her doing well, especially after all the prayers.

Mom said...

My daughter, What a blessing you are! Thanks again for all the good comments, all that you have done in getting me where I am today....God was so gracious in allowing you and your sister to care for me, lo, those many months...what love you all showed.I'm forever grateful; and also to other family members, friends, churches all over the globe, that sent up prayers for me; I believe wholeheartedly that its because of those prayers that I am still here. As Dr. Kohli said,"I do the cutting, God does the healing" Praise the Lord for excellent doctors that are believers in Christ!!!! Keep praising HIM!!!Love, Mom