Monday, August 25, 2008

My Friends, the Lennard's


Saturday morning I had this photo shoot with the Lennard family... more guinea pigs for my budding photography career! :-) Seriously, with the overcast, gauzy light that morning, anyone with half a brain could've come up with great shots. They are wonderful people, dear, dear friends, and I think that made us all feel at ease. Sometimes that lense makes people just freeze up! I just finished editing 120 photos, so how could I narrow it down to one I liked best? These here are some of my favorites. The picture grid just crops things wierd, though, so it's not completely accurate. No, I don't cut heads off, I just shoot people.

PS. My dog is snoring loudly at my feet!
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rachel said...

Beautiful pictures!

Anonymous said...

Those pics are good! And we had a friend's fiance take our engagement pictures and I thought it made them so much better b/c we were relaxed and having fun.