Monday, April 13, 2009

The Old Road that leads to Ozark





I can't get over the fact that this is right out my back door! So, Lauren took me on a little hike to check things out. Everyone had said how pretty it was behind our land, but I really didn't know what they meant - it is BEAUTIFUL. I always love it when the redbud trees start flowering because I know that Spring is really here. Within 1 week, the trees will have more color and it will all look so different... God's creation is absolutely amazing!

[The path we took is literally the old wagon trail that connected Ozark and Rogersville. I can't imagine having to ride over that bumpy road for a full day or two, when now I just jump in my little red car and zip down to the Tea Room in 15 minutes].

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Bruce said...

Wow! That IS breath-taking!


Anonymous said...

Lovely, sweetie....Lauren has an eye for the great shots too..Pic of her out shines the surrounding views however!!!Mom