Sunday, May 02, 2010


Can you say windy?! I think the gusts were like 40mph on this nice sunny evening. Now a little breeze is kinda nice, it adds movement and emotion to a shot. But gusty, knock you off the ledge kind of wind is not so desirable in a photo shoot. We worked with it pretty well, though. Fortunately, we had chosen to be in downtown Springfield, where there are lots of alleys and buildings to hide between. Shannon did great and was so flexible with my ideas. The light was yummy,too. So all in all, she made my job easy and now I have the impossible job of narrowing it down to only about 40 images to showcase. You, my faithful, curious blogger friends, get to see my first 3 barely edited images from this session.

Shannon- you are beautiful, inside and out! I had a great time and I hope these images convey a glimpse of who you are. Thanks for letting me be the one to take your senior pictures - and Congratulations!!!

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Larry said...

Love the b&w pic with Shannon heading in the direction of the arrow. Very symbolic.