Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Watercolor Twirl

I walk through old hallways, through creaky doorways of the centuries old church, I listen to the ceremonial toasting of the bride and groom, the joy absolute on peoples faces. Trying to be inconspicuous, with multiple cameras dangling around my neck, I find that incredibly hard to accomplish. In one of those surreal moments, though, I hear the sound of children laughing, playing, and girlish giggles. Creeping in the room as quietly as possible, I crouch low, adjust my camera settings, and do my best to capture one of my all time favorite moments. Sometimes the memory of it all is better than what a lens and camera can do. They are simply tools in the hands of an artist. My eyes, my heart, will remember the beauty of this moment better. Hopefully this rendition, void of actual color or clarity, will simply jog my memory in the future, and bring me back to the darkened room filled with little girls dancing in the shadows, much more interested in the size of the twirl in their dresses than the wedding reception going on nearby.

{By the way, this is my sweet niece, Grace, taken at her brother's wedding in London.}


Alisia K said...

i love this!!

Lou said...

wow! your caption of the photo is almost as good as the picture itself....nice! Mom