Tuesday, August 10, 2010


As promised, here is a sneak peek from a Senior Session I did while in Oklahoma this past weekend... Eric is my cousin Jana's handsome son. (Sorry if that embarrasses you, Eric, but we moms must gush a bit) As all us midwesterners are aware of, the heat is blistering hot, especially in OK City! I know we hit over 100 that day, so we were really sweating it out. That's nothing for this guy, though, doing 2 a days in football practice makes him tough. Our little session in the evening cool of the day made me melt. It was so much fun, though, in spite of the heat, & I think we got some pretty cool shots. :) Jana - your kids are both amazing, and I am honored to take Eric's Senior Pics for you! THANK YOU and I hope you love these as well as the many others to come... (I saved my favorite just for you!)

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Anonymous said...

Teri, Isn't he just the most handsome young man! I am happy you were able to connect with your cousins, even for just a short while...It was so sweet of Jana to "enlist" you for such an important event! Good job! Mom