Saturday, September 18, 2010

Just Another Day at the Office

Oh, the mundane, everyday, stuff of life. It's all just work, work, work. So here I go again, another photo shoot...

It's a tough job, being a photographer. Especially when it entails running down to the lake on the day after Labor Day when everyone else is back to laboring and all. I believe it was 4MPH winds that day, about 82 degrees, and perfectly overcast (that's actually a very good thing for photo shoots). This incredible skier is Phyllis, and she also makes a pretty good turkey and mustard sandwich. Her husband, Wade, was the master boat driver, and all I had to do was hang out and take pictures. Hey, I even got to jump in and go for a spin around the cove a bit. I just need to use 2 skiis, and I don't exactly get that pretty wall of water. Yeah, I think I like my job. It may be tough on days like these, but I'll hang in there.

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Anonymous said...

Cute, are wonderful!Photos are great too!