Wednesday, September 22, 2010


If you know me at all, you know that music is my first and foremost passion, probably not even taking a second to photography. I've noticed, though, that a lot of photographers are also musicians! I could name off several immediately as I write this...
So when this handsome senior pulled out his guitar, I perked up and jumped on the chance to grab some images that highlight one of his favorite things. He handled that instrument much like I handle my cameras (or my flute), not just with caution, but with a genuine knowledge of its valuable place in his life. Not trying to sound all philosophical and deep, but us musicians, we know what I mean.
I so enjoyed taking these senior pics! It was a beautiful evening, and we went to an incredible location. (Thanks Suzanne!) There are so many, many neat places here around Rogersville. The more I peek around corners and drive down these country roads, the more cool places I find.
And Matt, thanks for letting me take your pictures! I hope you love them!

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