Friday, July 01, 2011

NCL Freestyle Cruising - GOOD for Photographers

Before going on this cruise I read a post that claimed it was hard to take interesting and pro grade images while on a cruise. "Cruising: Good or Bad for Photographers" via DPS. It was a good article and made me wonder a bit if it was worth even bringing along my camera. I read, and read, and read the many posts of others who said it was too hard because you're locked into the schedule, not in port for those sunset/sunrise images, and so forth. But there were some people who said to just get creative! With those people, I wholeheartedly agree, and took on the challenge. I was there with my family, not on a photo tour, so these images below are my way of seeing the art and beauty in all that was around me. Shots of my family, though, were at the top of the awesome shot list, but I'd like to keep those to myself at this time... maybe later, when I have approval from them!


Anonymous said...

Nice! I especially like the coke bottle....lcf

Anonymous said...

OH, and what are "photogaphers?" :)lcf