Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Broadening the Blog

I don't seem to blog very often these days, although I have somewhat interesting thoughts and complete articles swimming around in my head constantly... I just don't seem to find the time to write. But the other day I posted something on Facebook that really is where I am: "A good thought, never expressed, no matter how sincere, true, or profound it may be... Holds no bearing on others, brings no change, nor warms a heart. It's time to speak up and get it out there." I do have lots to talk about, and so much to share. It really doesn't bother me if people are reading it or not, but I do hope, that if you are here, you will be glad you came, for whatever reason. Maybe it's to check out my latest favorite shot - shown below - or to get a little information on various topics ranging from photo tips, to travel, God topics, to parenting and life... This blog used to be anything and everything, and while it's interesting to some, and not so much to others, it's like a virtual scrapbook for me. And I'm good with that! So I'm opening it back up - mostly photography, yes, but other stuff, too... Restaurant reviews, places to visit, vacation, what I am learning through Scripture, health, and (gasp) maybe even a recipe once in awhile. It is time to speak up and share more with those around me, virtually and especially literally. One status update or 140 character post doesn't cut it - I am a woman, yes. Typically I don't share my opinion, but maybe this comes with a little age... I am committing to speak the random "ya know, I really do think you're amazing," tell my husband more often how incredible he is to me, and talk about various matters going on inside this brain. So, welcome back to LIFE THRU MY LENS. ~Teri Here is my latest favorite shot - taken just yesterday in Ozark, MO. For more previews of this incredible photo shoot, visit my Facebook Page!

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