Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tea Room Junkie

I must admit, I am addicted. I'd go to a "Tea Room" every day for lunch if I could... And this one still stands as my favorite overall Tea Room anywhere. It's called Spring Creek Tea Room and it's in the heart of Ozark, MO, just off the West side of the square.
 If you have been so blessed as to have eaten there, you know that they are known for their amazing cakes - made fresh every day, and in every imaginable variety. This pic below is my standard fare, and although I have strayed several times for a taste of something else, I keep coming back to this half sandwich with everything on it and the half salad. "Half??" I eat the sandwich first, and then dump my salad on the big plate so I can enjoy it even more! It's no piddly little 1/2 salad, that's for sure. And oh, that raspberry citrus vinaigrette! Yumm... It is the best value around, as far as tea rooms are concerned. (Entree's under $10) A must try here is the Strawberry soup and dessert! Be prepared to wait a bit, but it's located in a huge antique store, so it's easy to pass the time :)

I couldn't find a website, but here is the address:  107 S 3rd St, Ozark – (417) 582-1331

Not too long ago, I visited a really incredible place - no, it's not a Tea Room - it's FRENCH! I will go back, this time armed with my camera, and fill you in on the best kept secret of SW Missouri! Check back here for that one!


Susan Briggs said...

Hi Teri. My name is Susan and I just came across your business card in my purse. I was part of the boisterous group of women sitting at the table behind you that day at the tea room. Thanks so much for asking to snap a photo of our group. These were the ladies and frieds I grew up with in the Ozarks, but only get to see once a year since I moved to NYC 17years ago. I so appreciate you capturing that fun afternoon on camera for us! Cheers, Susan

Teri said...

I'm so glad you ladies had fun! I remember your group, and I think it is a huge blessing to have such lifelong friends! Hope you are all doing well!