Friday, November 04, 2005

The Big Red Barn

I love barns. Strange, I know. But, I love them. They have history, a past which is left untold for us metro people. I even like to go find barns and take their pictures before time and nature claims their weary life. My all time favorite childrens board book is called, "The Big Red Barn." So, I guess it's destined that we would one day own one ourselves. My dream barn would be built out of reclaimed, weathered barnwood, complete with a loft and a cupola (a vent thing on top that holds the iron rooster thing). But the budget can only handle so much creativity, so I'm quite happy with the look we have here. I'm also happy that next spring a new pony or horse will call this place home and there will be 3 excited children overfeeding our new addition to the family and fighting over who gets to ride him/her first. Although we have committed to NEVER owning chickens, I do look forward to barn cats having kittens, watching the deer hop our fence, planting rasberry bushes, and maybe even running off the skunks that find their way onto our property with a 22. ( the Belschner way of handling the nasty creature)
I know I promised to show pictures of the house, and I will get to that, but this is in itself a dream come true for me. Thank you to my fantastic husband who shares this dream with me and strives to find joy in our lives by stretching our comfort zone and reaching out to pursue something that has always been in our hearts.

"... and they played all day in the grass and in the hay, and when the sun went down in the great green field, the big cow lowed and the little pig squealed! ... and they all lived together in the big red barn."


Smokey said...
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incbizz said...
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Hillenblog said...

wow...looks like teri doesnt like any coments on her waxing poetic.

Well...Barns are indeed great places and I especially like the (big upper floor where all the hay is at and there is a ladder up to) loft.

Roywife said...

I welcome the comments - when they're from real people, not some automated computer somewhere. I have since installed the funny letters.