Friday, November 25, 2005

What am I thankful for?

The Cross (seriously, I'm not really trying to be super spiritual here)

My husband, his wisdom and love

My kids!

Mom (and my Daddy, wish he was here)

Nana (and Papa, I miss him, too)

My sister and her fantastic family

Steve, JoAnne, Ashley, Daniel

My friends - Shannon and Cheri- who are like blood relatives, no matter what, they stay by my side.

My missionary friends who choose to be strangers in a foreign land for the sake of the Gospel... Armstrong's and Eastins, and so many others, I love you dearly.

Cousins and their kids... too bad I don't get to see them very often.

New friends

Old friends that I actually don't see anymore, either, but whose friendship has shaped who I am

The blogging community, although you all must suffer from NCS - NoCommentSyndrome (thanks to Tami who identified the dreadful disease)

Suzanne, the visionary, who crushed me in tennis

88.7 FM, if you can get it to come in (Where the heck is Tumecula?!)


Nutella (Chocolate hazelnut cream)


Kendra Rogers and her color magic

Friends, even if they don't hardly know me and yet rake my leaves and offer to come dig through my yard looking for a little diamond.

Denise at"Decorating Den", for putting up with me! Who also scoured Greg's farm truck looking for the diamond.


Learning how to play chords from Jen and discovering that after all these years, I really can play the piano, just not very well... yet.

My church, where God has literally raised me for 18 1/2 years

The sound of giggles coming from the darkened kids room after we've prayed, kissed, and said goodnight

Dreams come true

Even dreams that don't come true

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