Monday, November 07, 2005


For all of you who are reluctant to drive all the way out to Roygersville to visit, here is a way for you to at least feel connected through this amazing www. You can be sure that if I know your name, you will probably be expected to come over very soon (no internet wierdo's please). We are having hospitality withdrawal, it's been quite visitless around our house since May.

I am looking for good TWEEN room idea's --- please help! She wants lime green, blue, and chocolate brown. The brown is already on one wall. I have striped rugs in these colors and a throw from Target, same colors with circles. It's so not me, so I would like to enlist the opinions of other young, hip persons. If you qualify, please post. Thank you.


SkyWriting said...

i think she should have one wall with HUGE polka dots in blue/brown or brown/lime, or one wall with thick stripes. And curtains that are paper cutouts of like flowers.

Roywife said...

Thank you, thank you! Lauren thought of the huge dots, too, but I needed to hear it from someone else. Sky, you now have the rights to first dibs on the Robert patties next Memorial day!