Thursday, November 02, 2006

Discover Bennet Springs!

There's so much to do there:

* Gather as much "dry " firewood as possible.

*Roast marshmallow over the fire and make s'mores.

*Cram 5 people and an 85lb Lab into a teeny tiny camper and attempt to sleep.

*Visit the fake copperhead and all the other live, but non-venomous snakes at the little nature center.

* Squish 7 kids around a laptop and watch "Nacho Libre."

*Play a nail biting game of "Clue."

* Enjoy a pre-buffet card game and watered down hot chocolate at the dining lodge.

*Pack up and leave just before the sun comes out and miss the most incredible day of hiking ever.

Seriously, we had a great time and made some great memories. I will definitely want to go back there for a second try. Shout out to the Breaux's for letting us borrow their camper and to the Reynolds for letting us borrow everything else we forgot.
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Cindy said...

Now THAT is making memories!

Ryan and Annette said...

Hello. This will be a nice way to keep up with you.