Monday, November 06, 2006

High King Peter of Narnia

This will be Nathan's all time favorite costume. It better be, I dropped some change for it! I've just never been one for storebought costumes, though. One year, he wanted to be an astronaut... he wore blue sweats with a downloaded flight patch taped to the sleeve and a trash can on his head so he could breathe some oxygen. I think that one cost about 5 bucks. I know, you can't believe it.

Our pretty little southern belle was so elegant in a floor length red ball gown that she stepped on all night. But boy, did her hair look great after 45 minutes of enduring the curling iron and piling it all on top of her head!

Lauren didn't dress up this year. Now, I will cry. She opted instead for hanging back at the house with her other non-costumed friends because they're much too old for that sort of thing. I think next year she will just have to be Queen Lucy...


Granny Lulu said...

Now, isn't that the most handsome young man you've ever seen dressed as Peter?? Great, Nathan...Love ya

gina said...

Could he possibly look any more like his daddy? My gracious... *g*