Tuesday, November 21, 2006

On being "Wordy"

I am so excited for the holidays, OK, I'll be specific, and say that I am so excited for Thanksgiving and I am so excited for CHRISTmas!!!! I sooooo wanted to beat out Jen for having my decorations up first this year. At least the inside will be all finished and done before Thanksgiving!! Our oldest is being a bit of a scrooge because she thinks I'm pushing the seasons along. These are the same kids that cry when they see a new subdivision going in because it's not natural. So the house is all lit up in November, so what?? They'll be thanking me next week, when instead of hanging garland, we can play a rousing game of phase 10 by the fire.
So now we head to Lulu's in OK for a feast... Our traveling entourage will consist of my husband, commonly known around here as "Helter- Shelter," me, obviously I am "Roywife," 3 kids, 2 four wheelers, Nana, only one specific Westie that doesn't run off, one big black Lab, and a ham. That should be interesting! Our feast menu will be:

No, that would be too verbose.

:-) :-) :-)

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